What People Say About Hot Sauce Moon

Here are a few of our reviews from our audience members over the past few years.

Vocal harmony is what makes this band stand out!”
Songs are amazing, stuff you never hear played out by other bands, unique and refreshing.”
“Thank you for the great time last night! Your music, as usual was over the top fun. I’m already looking forward to next time!”
“I kept saying – ‘I can’t believe they are playing this song’ – on every song!”
“Was really impressed with you guys. Sounded amazing!”
“Awesome band… can’t wait to see what the future brings!”
“It seems that you and your band had as much fun playing with each other tonight as I did listening. I don’t know what it is – but being in the moment and watching and listening to great musicians – who are playing music I love – it’s transporting. Thank you. Thank you.”
“Love me some Hot Sauce Moon!!”