About Hot Sauce Moon:

Hot Sauce Moon is a Florida east coast band performing a wide variety of unique music described as hot sauce infused eclectic Classic Rock, Folk Rock, Country & Blues. They also perform a Mardi Gras / New Orleans Show.

Shiner Diner Sign Hot Sauce Moon Saturday

Venues Played:

The Band:

Charlie Hankin – Guitar, Flute, Vocals, Songwriter and Harmonica.

JJ Liberato – Electric Guitar

James Squires – Percussion and Vocals.

Tommy Pertis – Bass Guitar

Patrick Norris – Keyboards Trumpet

Jacqui Agostinelli – Vocals

Occasional Players

Tommy Shiffer – Keyboards

Carl Hixson – Bass Guitar

Rick Shryock – Fiddle & Electric Guitar

Carl Schmid – Fiddle

Al Hagar – Sax

Paddy King – Fiddle, Mandolin & Cello

Rex Blazer – Fiddle